Which Omega juicer should I buy?

New Omega stock arriving in July 2020! Omega has a juicer to suit your budget and juicing lifestyle. Founded in 1985, Omega has developed the most efficient and reliable juicers and blenders on the market today. With an extensive warranty and world renowned reputation, there are three things to consider when purchasing a juicer:

  1. Is juicing at home really for me?
  2. What do I want from my juicer?
  3. What am I prepared to pay?

What do I need to know about Juicing?

There are several pros and cons with home juicing that you should consider before investing your time and money. There are so many reasons to increase your nutritional intake but it does come at a price.

A juicer is not a small appliance and if you want to do it regularly it needs a good home in your kitchen where it can be accessed easily. A vertical juicer will take up less space than a horizontal juicer but may have less functions. I keep my Omega MMV702 on the bench beside the kettle because it gets used every second or third day and takes up little space. I also have an Omega NC902 for making sorbet and nut butter which I keep in the cupboard with the blender. It has a good strong handle so is easy to lift in and out but is too big to keep on the bench.

When I got my first juicer almost ten years ago, I believed I was about to save myself a lot of time jumping on the health bandwagon. Boy, was I wrong and it took a fair bit of persistence before I began to feel the benefits and now I really look forward to juice time. Yes, juicing at home takes time and you should weigh up if this is something you are prepared to spend. Buying juicing ingredients is a habit now and I know instinctively how much I need to last until next shop. Cold press slow juicing is just that, slow. Feed each piece in one by one and breathe in the goodness. Clean up time depends on the juicer, the shorter juicing time in a vertical juicer is compensated by the longer clean up time of a bigger screen whereas the horizontal juicer has a smaller screen but longer juicing time.

The cost of a juicer ranges between $40 and $2000 depending on what you need it to do. Omega has developed a juicer to suit your need and budget so you don’t have to worry about spending money on features you may never use. We have made the below comparison to assist you with choosing the right juicer for your lifestyle and budget. Please don’t hesitate to contact us if you are still not sure, our experienced staff are here to help!

Juicing fruits and vegetables is an easy way to consume more vitamins and minerals as your body doesn’t have to digest the fibre but it shouldn’t take the place of whole fruits and vegetables. If you mostly want to eat fruit and vegetables rather than leafy greens and also want to consume the fibre then maybe a blender is a better option.

Make citrus, fruit and vegetable juice

If you have a busy lifestyle and want to save money on store-bought juice while introducing your family to home-made, preservative free juice, Omega‚Äôs flagship juicers are the Centrifuge style juicers. Omega’s Centrifuge juicers extract 20% to 30% more juice than others, and utilise a vertical stainless steel basket to consistently spin juice out of pulp for a silky smooth drink. Centrifuge juicers are super fast taking just minutes to extract juice from whole fruit and vegies, are easy to assemble and fast cleanup. The juice doesn’t store like cold pressed juice however so must be consumed straight away. The BMJ332S Megamouth budget model is still available and a great option to see if juicing is for you or upgrade to the later model OMG502S Megamouth which has two variable speeds to maximise juicing on softer produce.

If you want the added benefits of cold press juice the Omega VRT352HDS with Dual Stage Technology has stood the test of time and is still one of the most reliable juicers in the range. The upgraded model Omega VRT402HDS with Juice Tap has a slightly more powerful motor and a tap to mix the juice inside the bowl and make cleaning a breeze. These slow juicers are capable of juicing celery and leafy greens but require a bit more prep time than the centrifuge megamouth and work best when juicing a mix of hard and soft produce with the leafy greens.

Celery and Leafy Greens specialists

Contrary to belief, all of Omega’s cold press slow juicers are superb celery juicers. The best celery juicer in terms of yield and juice quality by far is the Korean made Omega VSJ843R vertical juicer. At a speed of just 43RPM compared to 80RPM of other juicers, the VSJ843R outperforms in almost every category. It leaves the driest pulp, makes the cleanest juice and the standout feature is the self-cleaning screen. The vertical design also has the benefit of taking up less counter space so you can leave it on the benchtop for easy access. With the ability to also make nut milk, smoothies and frozen sorbet this is your best choice for juicing.

The Omega J8228HDC Nutrition Centre with an adjustable end cap, ensures maximum yield from celery and leafy greens and any combination of fruit and vegies. Not only a great value juicer, the additional nutrition centre function allows you to make nut butters, baby food, sorbet, pasta and grind coffee and spices. Suited to juicing leafy greens and combinations of hard and soft produce, this juicer has withstood the test of time and is great value for money.

Omega’s best selling Nutrition Centre and horizontal celery juicer is the versatile, high quality NC models Omega NC902HDC Chrome and Omega NC802HDS in Silver. These high quality horizontal juicers are made in Korea and have a superb design. Giving the best leafy-greens juice yield in the horizontal juicer range, they have the fastest cleanup time compared to the VSJ and come with additional attachments to make baby food, salsa, extrude pasta and make nut butters.

Juice, smoothies, baby food and nut butters

In addition to leafy greens these juicers come with attachments that allow you to make nutritious fruit and vegetable smoothies, cocktails, nut milk, nut butter (peanut butter) and nutritious home made baby food and more. Normally these functions are limited to the larger horizontal juicers but Omega now have two fantastic vertical models that offer more than just juicing. The Omega VRT452HDS has only been available in Europe until now and being made in Korea, has a high quality and time tested design. The updated Omega MMV702HDS with it’s large feed chute could almost beat the VSJ in all areas except juice quality. Both of these models come with extra attachments including a blank cone, an ingenious screen cleaner PLUS a 100+ page recipe book to make sure you get the most from all the available functions.

One juicer to do it all! Juice, smoothies, baby food, sorbet, nut milk/butter, pasta and grinder

The ultimate all round, best selling and most reliable juicer on the market today has got to be the Korean made Omega NC902HDC and Omega NC802HDS (same juicer, different colour). Better for celery and leafy greens, the driest pulp and cleanest juice of the nutrition centre juicers plus all the other features you can buy in one machine! The sleek styling and handle shape make this a juicer you want to show off on the benchtop and the quality should last for many decades.

We have used each and every one of Omegas juicer range extensively and are always happy to help you choose a juicer if you are still not sure. Please give one of our friendly staff a call or via our contact page.

Happy Juicing!

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