What has got you dehydrating?


As the seasons go by, it is interesting to see what produce is growing in family and friends gardens. With the people around me, there is usually always something growing that they are trying to get rid of!

This month, my parents are bringing bags and bags of star fruits to my door as their tree is absolutely loaded! With the first lot I started eating them with my salads which made them extremely tropical and tasty! It is always good to mix up a salad with something different to keep it interesting.

The amount of star fruits began turning into an over stocked fridge at home, so I decided to dehydrate them. I had not thought of this at first as I have never tasted or dried star fruits before. The ones my parents grow are quite sweet already, but if you have the more bitter flavoured star fruits, cut the the long edge of each point off leaving you with square edges. This seems to take away a lot of that bitter flavour. I then sliced each one roughly 5mm thick and dehydrated them on 57 degrees Celsius for approximately 8 hours.


I was surprisingly impressed with the end result! Next time I won’t take the time to remove the seeds as the ones I missed added a great texture and almost nutty-like flavour. I would now have to say I prefer to eat dried star fruit over fresh! I also think it is safe to say that you can almost guarantee everything you dry will taste amazing and if not just as good fresh, even better dry… So anything you have in excessive amounts – Dry it! You’ll like it!


What has got you dehydrating this season?

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