Team Omega and Excalibur


The reason why we love our products is that they make a dream team in the kitchen – working together to complement each other;  without my Omega and Excalibur I would still be wasting kilos of produce and money!

Here are a few examples of what you can do with the Omega and Excalibur:  you can use the pulp from your vegetable and/or fruit juice to make crackers, chips, pizza crust and wraps; activate nuts in the Excalibur and make delicious nut butters with the Omega or make noodles or pasta in the Omega and then dehydrate for storage. Or why not purée fruit and make fruit leathers and even extrude bread sticks and dehydrate them instead of using your oven.

There are so many different and creative things you can do with these two appliances and you can rest assure you’ll never have to replace them as both appliances will last together for many, many years. Both products have impressive build quality and warranties.

So why not buy your own dream team and start preparing delicious, healthy food, lowering waste and pick up a bargain at the same time. Keep an eye out for our Dream Team package deals as we believe you should have this dream team at a discounted price!

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