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Sedona Supreme Commercial Dehydrator


Supreme Commercial Dehydrator with 9 Stainless Steel trays

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Sedona® Supreme Commercial Dehydrator

The Sedona® Supreme is the world’s first full-featured large-capacity digital dehydrator with a reusable air filter.
9 trays offer plenty of space and the user-friendly digitals controls make precise dehydration a breeze.
From fruits and vegetables, to meats and crackers, the Sedona® Supreme’s central fan technology ensures even airflow and rapid dehydration.
Sedona’s Two-Stage Sequential Temperature-Timer (TST) feature reduces dehydration time and ensures best results and enzyme-rich foods.
With features like the Continuous Operation Mode and Overheat Protection this dehydrator is perfect for the commercial and the home environment.

What is TST?

TST stands for Two-Stage Sequential Temperature-Timer. This feature enables the Sedona® Combo to be set in “Fast” mode for the first few hours, running at up to 155°F, then switch to “Raw” mode for the remaining time, where the setting will drop down to a lower temperature. This mode is beneficial for foods that have a higher water content and need to start at a higher heat to revent fermentation. The TST also reduces dehydration time without overheating your food. The Fast & Raw modes can also work separately, so you have the freedom to choose just the “Fast”or “Raw” mode for each unique recipe.

Why buy a Sedona®?

Sedona® is well known in the dehydration community because its manufacturing quality and outstanding performance. Sedona® Dehydrators are BPA free and are the go-to dehydrator for raw foodies and energy conscious folks alike. The digital control and TST feature ensures accurate temperature and preservation of enzymes so important for raw food. The central fan ensures even airflow througout and the air filter can be washed and reused saving money and the environment. All components are intelligently designed, whether it is the attached glass door or the internal LED lights that light up when opening the door. Sedona scores with the most innovative features like automatic pause & resume functions when the door opens and closes.

Features of the Sedona® Supreme Dehydrator

Temperature range of 85-155°F
Auto Shut-Off Feature
Stainless steel, metal, and non-flammable VO plastic body
Commercial Certification to NSF and UL Standards
9 Stainless Steel Mesh Trays
1 BPA-Free Closed Tray to collect debris
Two-Stage Sequential Temperature Timer (TST)
All-Digital Controls & Displays
Powerful Central Fan
Overheat Protection
Continuous Operation Mode
Glass Hinged Door
Internal LED Light
Washable and Reusable Air Filter
Quiet Operation

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