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Omega MegaMouth Slow Juicer


MMV702S – Omega’s widest feeding chute

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Omega MMV702 MegaMouth Cold Press Vertical Juicer

The Omega MMV702 MegaMouth juicer is the latest addition to Omega’s vertical slow juicer range and offers additional functions. The added blank screen turns your juicer into Nutrition Centre that can produce creamy nut butters, purees and much more. With only 60rpm per minute and a powerful motor this cold press juicer will make velvety and smooth juices every time while being gentle on your ears.


The extra wide feeding chute allows for less prepping and quicker juicing. Many items will fit whole through the feeding chute, however, we always recommend to cut certain produce like celery.
Just like the Omega VSJ843 the MMV702 features a juice tap, which allows you to premix juices during the process but also plays a very important part in the cleaning process.
Simply close the juice tap when you are finished and let some warm water do some work for you. The special screen cleaning tool is a welcome addition to this machine and makes the cleaning process even quicker.


The Omega juicer does not only make cold pressed fruit and vegetable juices, that are a great addition to every kind of diet. You can also enjoy your own home-made nut milks, smoothies and even frozen fruit sorbets with the Omega MMV702. The included blank attachment also allows you to make all natural nut butters and much more.
The slow juicing Omega juicer can handle leafy greens with ease, even wheatgrass. If you are following the celery juice protocol, this juicer is perfect for you.


This juicer is a breeze to assemble and clean. The auto-cleaning system keeps the screen clean during juicing and the juice tap allows to pre-rinse the parts without even taking it apart. The additional screen cleaning tool makes it even easier.


MMV702S 4

fine juicing screen
coarse juicing screen
blank screen
3 cleaning tools
pulp collection bowl
juice collection bowl

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