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Omega Vertical Slow Juicer

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VRT402HDS – Fits anywhere

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Omega VRT402HDS Cold Press Vertical Juicer

With only 80 revolutions per minute and a powerful motor the Omega VRT402HDS processes your food quickly, while avoiding oxidation and heat build-up for longer lasting, richer juice, delicious smoothies and lactose free nut milks. With 2 different screens you have more control over the fibre amount in your juice. The juice tap allows you to premix the juice while juicing and makes the clean up process a breeze.

Benefits of the slow juicing Omega Juicer

Long lasting quality and performance backed by long warranties, quiet operation despite a powerful motor, and the ease of usage and cleaning are the foundations of the brand for decades and the Omega brand reputation speaks for itself. The low speed of only 80 rpm minimises heat buildup and oxidation, so you can store your juice longer.


Multi-talent in your kitchen

The Omega juicer does not only make cold pressed fruit and vegetable juices, that are a great addition to every kind of diet. Get creative and make tropical fruit sorbets or creamy smoothies. Prepare your own home-made nut milk. The slow juicing Omega juicer can handle all this as well as leafy greens like kale and spinach with ease, even wheatgrass.
Healthy enzymes are kept intact due to the slow and gentle squeezing process, while delay in oxidation and the reduced heat build-up increases the juiceā€™s shelf life.


This juicer is a breeze to assemble and clean. The auto-cleaning system keeps the screen clean during juicing and the juice tap allows to pre-rinse the parts without even taking it apart.


Juicing jug
Pulp bowl
Fine and coarse juicing screen
Cleaning brush

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Juice, Nut Milk

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