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Omega Vertical Slow Juicer (Red)


VSJ843RR – Juicing Expert’s Favourite in red

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Omega VSJ843RR Juicer

The VSJ843 juicer is everyone’s favourite and really stands out in a gorgeous Red colour! With only 43 revolutions per minute and the dual edge auger the Omega VSJ843 Juicer gently squeezes the last drop of juicy goodness out of your produce and lets you enjoy more, smoother and nutrient-denser juice every time. With twice the crushing force and half the speed of most other low speed juicers, the Omega VSJ843 crushes and squeezes produce quickly, avoiding heat build-up and oxidation, while producing more juice that lasts longer. This juicer may be the best juicer for celery on the market. Manufactured in South Korea this Omega Juicer stands for quality and longevity and is one of the best cold press juicers on the market.

Dual Edge Technology

Featuring a dual edge auger, the Omega VSJ843 juicer crushes produce quicker, so juice is squeezed out gently at a faster rate, while the lower speed of the motor reduces oxidation keeping the enzymes and nutrients active. The tighter squeeze tolerance ensures more juice to be extracted. In short: You will have more juice in less time, that is fresher and more nutritious.


The Omega juicer does not only make cold pressed fruit and vegetable juices, that are a great addition to every kind of diet. You can also enjoy your own home-made nut milks, smoothies and even frozen fruit sorbets with the Omega Juicer.
The slow juicing Omega juicer can handle leafy greens with ease, even wheatgrass. If you are following the celery juice protocol, this juicer is perfect for you.



This juicer is a breeze to assemble and clean. The auto-cleaning system keeps the screen clean during juicing and the juice tap allows to pre-rinse the parts without even taking it apart.



Juicing jug
Pulp bowl
Fine and coarse juicing screen
Cleaning brush

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