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Omega Nutrition Centre Juicer


J8228C – Ultimate all-rounder and celery juicer

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Omega J8228 Nutrition Centre

Being the latest generation of cold press juicers in Omega’s 8000 series, the Omega J8228 has upgraded features compared to the classic Omega 8226 and is perfect for celery juicing. Next to a larger funnel area and a larger screen made of stainless-steel mesh, this juicer features an adjustable end cap. This allows you to adjust the pressure inside the juicing chamber for optimal juice extraction.
Just like the other Nutrition Centres in the Omega range like the Omega NC902, this model comes with additional attachments that makes these models so much more than just a juicer.

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Why use the Omega cold press juicer?

Long lasting quality and performance backed by our warranties, quiet operation despite a powerful motor, and the ease of usage and cleaning are the foundations of the brand for over 30 years and the Omega brand reputation speaks for itself. The low speed of only 80 rpm minimises heat buildup and oxidation, so you can store your juice longer.

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Why buy the Omega J8228?

Every parent has their favourite, even if they do not want to admit it. While we love all the Omega juicers, the horizontal juicers have more functionality.
If you are looking for a great allrounder, then the Omega J8228 is the juicer for you. The featured adjustable end cap does not only increase your juice yield, it also lets you decide the amount of pulp in your juice. For those, who do not like pulp at all, it also comes with an additional strainer.
The Omega J8228 does a fabulous job with leafy greens, whether you are thinking of straight celery juice or super green juices. Fruit and vegetable juices are done in a tick. Even wheat grass is no challenge for this machine. If you can imagine it, you can juice it.

Why is it called a Nutrition Centre?

Like the Omega NC902 this cold press juicer functions as a Nutrition Centre that lets you make your own nut milk or other lactose free milk alternatives.  With the additional attachments you can also use the machine as a food processor and create your own nut butter, salsa, fruit sorbet, prepare all-natural baby food, grind your spices, even extrude pasta.


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