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Omega Nutrition Centre Juicer


NC902HDC – Nutrition Centre masterpiece

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Omega NC902HDC Nutrition Centre

The Omega NC902 is undoubtedly the best all-round juicer on the market. Being one of the newest horizontal juicers in the Omega range, the Omega NC902HDC wows with a beautiful sleek design, an ergonomically shaped handle and a wider feeding chute.
It is perfect for celery and leafy greens, while also delivering wonderfully smooth fruit and veggie juices. Next to a larger feeding chute and a larger screen, this juicer features an adjustable end cap. This allows you to adjust the pressure inside the juicing chamber for optimal juice extraction.
Just like the other Nutrition Centres in the Omega range, this model comes with additional attachments that makes these models so much more than just a juicer.

Why use the Omega cold press juicer?

Long lasting quality and performance backed by a long warranty, quiet operation despite a powerful motor, and the ease of usage and cleaning are the foundations of the brand for over 30 years and the Omega brand reputation speaks for itself. The low speed of only 80 rpm minimises heat buildup and oxidation, so you can store your juice longer and all the nutrients, minerals and vitamins are, where they should be: in your juice!

Why buy the Omega NC902HDC?

The Omega NC902HDC Nutrition Centre has withstood the test of time and been a favourite of juicing friends across the world. Made in South Korea this machine stands for quality, longevity and elegance.
This juicer is highly recommended highly for celery juice and green juices in general. It also does a wonderful job with all kinds of fruits and vegetables and provides extra features to make home-made nut butters and so much more.

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Juice Extractor:
The Omega Juicer/Nutrition Centre gets you the most out of fresh veggies and fruits. Low speed extraction ensures high quality juice, that does not only contain more nutrients, enzymes and vitamins, it also tastes better and lasts longer. This machine is especially a good choice, if you are planning to juice a lot of leafy greens like spinach, kale and beets or barley and wheat grass. Or why not make your own additive free and raw nut milk or even soy milk?

Food Processor/Chopper:
This Nutrition Centre allows you to chop cabbage, garlic, ginger and herbs for spicy salsas, smooth guacamole and lots more. You can make specialised foods like baby foods or for geriatric purposes in no time and preservative free.

Extrusion function:
Try your own homemade pasta or crunchy breadsticks with Omega’s Nutrition centre function. Linguini, spaghetti, Udon noodles are easily made with the included nozzle attachment. Surprise family and friends with your homemade Grissini or pretzels.

Using the blank screen the Omega Nutrition Centre lets you create nut butters, fruit sorbets, frozen desserts and dips. Avoid all the extra salt and sugars you find in store bought products and enjoy these treats guilt-free.

Grind your coffee beans and grains or spices.

Accessories included:

NC902HDC-A 4

4 Nozzle attachments for pasta and breadsticks
1 juicing screen
1 homogenizing screen
1 cleaning brush
2 containers
1 adjustable end cap

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