Mango Madness


It’s mango season, Australia’s most popular seasonal fruit. Everyone who loves them usually finds themselves with mangoes coming out of their ears! Australians eat their way through eight million trays of mangoes each year and my only drama with mangoes is that nearly all of them are ripe, ready to go all at once.  So rather than trying to enjoy all of them fresh I’ve got two favourite options for preserving and enjoying mangoes all year round.

The reason I like to preserve mangoes is not only to reduce waste, but because they have several key nutrients your body needs:  vitamin C plays an important role in immune function, for wound healing and keeps gums and teeth healthy; vitamins A and E protect against free radicals, while vitamin A also strengthens bone growth and maintains healthy skin. Vitamin B6 helps the body maintain normal blood sugar levels and nerve function, while iron enriches the blood and promotes healthy cells and potassium maintains proper balance in the body’s fluids and also aids in muscle contraction. Other nutrients include omega-3 and 6, folate, fibre and copper. The peel is usually not eaten due to its tough and bitter taste, but it also provides high concentrations of nutrients and is rich in phytonutrients.

So to preserve the absolute goodness of mangoes I like to either freeze or dehydrate them:  when freezing them I skin, slice or dice part of my mangoes, then devour them at later dates as fruit leathers, smoothies, sorbets or juice. Unfortunately I’ve found when freezing mangoes they seem to turn to sludge when defrosted and that’s why they make perfect fruit leathers, smoothies, sorbets and juices. The Omega Masticating Nutrition Center, with its multi-purpose functions, is absolutely brilliant at getting the most out of frozen or fresh mangoes!

There are endless recipes for smoothies, sorbets and juices to experiment with so you will never get sick of your frozen mangoes, but I am sharing my simple and most favourite recipes for each below and in my next blog I will post about preserving mangoes with the Excalibur dehydrator.

Using a blender I put in half a large mango, 5 strawberries and half a banana to make a large mango, strawberry and banana smoothie. To get things moving I add half to one cup of coconut water and blend until smooth. The thing I love about smoothies is how clean, quick, easy and creative it is to make them. Add in your favourite fruit and/or veg combinations and enjoy them as a chilled beverage.


Macadamia nuts are also in season and one of my favourite combinations with mango is macadamia nuts:  my favourite sorbet to make is simply one sliced, fresh, frozen mango and a handful of macadamia nuts (depending on how nutty you want it). Using my Omega 8226 with the blank cone I process the mango and nuts together so that most of the hard work in combining the two is done. If need be, mix the sorbet with a spoon for even texture.


My very simple but much preferred juice is mangoes, oranges and coconut water. For one glass, I usually juice half a mango and one orange with my Omega 8226 and put quarter to half a cup of coconut water down the chute to help any leftover fruit work through.


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