It’s an Excalibur Season


It’s definitely the season to be investing in a Sedona Dehydrator! Mangoes have been around for at least 5,000 years and come from the same botanical family as cashews; there are more than 1,000 varieties of mangoes across the world.

The thing I love about stocking up my pantry produce in a Sedona is how easy it is!!! I cannot express enough how simple and rewarding it is to dehydrate food in an Sedona Dehydrator: it’s easy, cost effective and good for you!

The benefits of dehydrating food are that it tastes great, there’s no preservatives or chemical additives, storing it is efficient, it’s cost effective, you control the quality and of course you are preserving quality produce in peak seasons. You can produce portable and healthier meals/snacks and reduce waste.

Dehydrating food produces a thin food material with its vitamins and minerals still present; almost no Vitamin C is lost in dehydration and all Vitamin A in plant foods is retained. Other minerals such as selenium, potassium and magnesium are also preserved. Some supporters of the raw food lifestyle use dehydrated foods as their main food source due to their rich concentration of nutrients and enzymes.

As a fantastic way to preserving mangoes this season I have been experimenting with numerous delicious fruit leathers as an alternative to simply drying slices of mango. Blackberry mango, strawberry mango, banana mango and coconut mango leathers have to be my preferred flavours.

Last week I enjoyed snacking on blueberry mango leathers which is so simple to make. I haven’t found this combination common but they were the only two fruits I had at the time and I loved it! Using my Omega NC902 with the blank cone I processed one large skinned and sliced mango and started adding blueberries until the desired flavour was reached – about half a cup. I poured the blueberry and mango purée through the chute to mix the two together and get a finer texture. I then poured the purée onto a Teflex sheet on an Sedona tray and dehydrated them for 12 hours on 57 degrees Celsius.

Mango RollUp

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