Get Your Vasse Virgin On!


Enjoy the ultimate extra virgin olive oil experience with Vasse Virgin products all the way from Western Australia! The owners of Vasse Virgin first became inspired to start creating these products 20 years ago when their 3 children were diagnosed with eczema. Here at Zesty by Nature we absolutely love everything about Vasse Virgin’s products and you can find them on our website

There is certainly something magical about these olive oil based products. I can give these products away as gifts to friends and suddenly I’m a friend forever! I suffer from psoriasis and mostly maintain it through what I eat. My worst case is 90% of my scalp and it drives me insane at times. This is where I personally find the Gardener’s Soothing Salve an absolute relief! What works for some does not always work for others – I know this all too well. But not only do I enjoy some relief, I love the natural aromas and the way they make my skin feel. Having psoriasis makes me really appreciate and love every inch of my body. I nurture and nourish my entire body with Vasse Virgin products to leave me feeling clean and fresh day in, day out. As a result my skin feels soft and silky smooth with a natural looking vibrant glow every day.

I can’t tell you enough how good I feel in my own skin! I am sure you have all heard about the benefits of olive oil and what a great natural product it is for your health, skin, hair and face. Knowing it is the base of these products I couldn’t see why they wouldn’t become my favourite product to use for my body care. It is obvious that extra virgin olive oil plays a major factor of these products’ success!




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