Back to School Lunch Box Ideas

Snacks are an important part of a healthy diet for active kids… Use your Excalibur and Omega to help you to provide your kids with nutritious and high energy snacks that are preservative free and only contain natural sugar.

When dehydrating fruit, veggies, crackers, roll ups and much more, you’re able to create bulk of each snack that you can use for months. I always tend to think once I’ve done all the hard work and I’m packing my snacks away into zip lock bags and vacuum sealing others, that at least I will be eating these snacks for months to come. I absolutely love the idea of only having to do so much work and getting so much out of it – it’s just so convenient!

These are just some ideas on what you can do to keep your kids interested in what they are eating. You can make your own yogurt, fruit roll ups, crackers, cookies, jerky, chips, pizza bases, cauliflower popcorn; your choices are endless! You can almost dehydrate anything and add a whole new flavour to your kids taste buds! Follow us on Facebook to find many more ideas, tips, recipes and advice.

MangoRollUp Slice5 ZucchiniChips1DriedApple


Start experimenting with your Omega making fresh juice recipes and getting to know what your kids love and what vegetables they don’t notice in what juices. When produce is in season or when you have an abundance of any fruit or veg, start making juices to take to school rather than poppers. Another great idea is to freeze your fresh fruit and/or veg juice into icy poles for the afternoons and weekends. If you have a Nutrition Center you can even make sorbets or get as creative as making your own nut butter spreads for sandwiches!

It is so important to teach your kids about health and nutrition while they are young and helping them to understand by getting them involved. Using the Omega’s and the preparation to dehydrating can be really fun, so I am sure your children will love it!

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