About Us

Firstly, hello and welcome to the Zesty By Nature Store

Zesty By Nature (formerly Excalibur Australia) has been serving Australia and Asia-Pacific customers for more than 30 years.

Our business began in 1982 in the beautiful tropics of the Cairns Hinterland, by a busy farmer’s wife looking for healthy ways to make use of excess farm produce. We tried every preserving method and kitchen appliance available until stumbling across a new brand of dehydrator called Excalibur. Way back in 1982 we became the Official Distributor and Service and Repair Centre in Australia for Excalibur Dehydrators and Omega Juicers in 2013. From humble beginnings, our reputation for customer service and product knowledge saw the business grow to include Omega Juicers, a Service and Repair centre and the Zesty by Nature brand. and now we have included the health conscious Tribest brand of products with BPA free materials and functional temperature controls.

We not only sell our products; we use them every day and have become experts in the field of dehydrating and juicing.

We are constantly finding new and better ways to eat, drink and store healthy food. There are so many gadgets out there, it is easy to waste money on things that don’t work or break, cluttering our kitchens or ending up in landfill.  

Our 30 years of experience and passion for a healthy lifestyle means you can be confident that our products are safe, long lasting and designed to have minimal impact in the kitchen and the environment.

By shopping with Zesty by Nature you can be sure to get:

*Value for money

*The best advice

*Fast shipping

*Easy repairs

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